Francesca Busalla, an Italian artist, intricately weaves a tapestry of artistic expression across diverse mediums, her creative journey flourishing amidst the vibrant cultural milieu of Barcelona.

Her art resonates with an awakening of consciousness, transcending materialistic confines to delve into the depths of human interiority and the multidimensionality of existence. Inspired by the Japanese concept of “KU,” signifying infinite potential beyond conventional notions of time and space, Francesca believes her creations exist in a latent state, awaiting manifestation through introspection and meditative reflection.

Each artwork embodies a life of its own upon completion, infused with its distinct personality, spiritual essence, and karmic resonance. Utilizing humble materials such as remnants, ash, soil, and threads, Francesca crafts unique pieces that reveal layers of texture and depth, inviting viewers to explore their inner realms beyond surface appearances.

Some of her works are characterized by superimposed stratums and unique textures, while others feature exposed areas and scratches, or are adorned with simple fabrics and threads. Through her preference for simple forms, Francesca encourages viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery, transcending the superficial to uncover the profound intricacies of their own interior landscapes.

Collective exhibitions

Lelie Galerij – Amsterdam
Thomson Gallery – Zug, Switzerland
Art Lab (Pop Up) – Los Angeles
Johnathan Schultz Gallery – Miami