Artist Statement

Francesca Busalla’s abstract paintings are more than work of arts; they engage with the spiritual realm and express the artist’s non-self. Busalla’s intuitive approach to art has led her to develop one-of-a-kind techniques and mediums, resulting in works that feel like contemporary oracles, inviting the viewer to engage with important societal issues with a new level of awareness.

Beneath the vital marks that pulse across the surface of Busalla’s canvases lie layers of overpainting that are necessary for the painting to achieve its unique purpose. 
Looking at these paintings is a sensory experience that transcends the visual. When the viewer comes into contact with the canvas in person, they become a part of the artist’s momentum and religious experience while creating the work. These works of art entice.


Miami Art Week
Lelie Galerij – Amsterdam
Thomson Gallery – Zug, Switzerland