Discover Francesca Busalla’s intriguing “Light Seeker” series, where each abstract piece of art acts as a doorway to a profound voyage of self-discovery. These one-of-a-kind pieces, which were thoughtfully constructed by the artist herself, are meant to inspire a sense of clarity and shed light on the depths of our inner selves.

Light Seeker Series media techniques

Francesca uses a variety of media techniques to produce a unique visual experience, drawing inspiration from the ideas of light and space. A multi-dimensional masterpiece is produced by a careful interaction of applying and scraping away the colour. The spatialist research of Francesca differs from that of well-known painters like Fontana and De Luigi, despite the fact that some art critics have labeled this series as spatialism.


Time is transcended in Francesca’s artistic journey since she sees it as nothing more than an artificial fabrication. She instead emphasizes the importance of light and space. While space encompasses our infinite inner worlds and stretches beyond the boundaries of the canvas, light represents the innate luminosity in each of us. Francesca allows the luminosity to permeate and shine through by scratching both the materials and colors as well as the canvas’s physical limitations.

In the “Light Seeker” series Francesca explores the enduring query: Where is light? . She starts a deep investigation into the layers of her existence through her artistic expression in order to uncover her actual nature. Francesca’s journey through life has molded her like a rough diamond shaped by adversity, and now she seeks the light that will release her.

Francesca’s artworks become a monument to her pursuit of illumination via each brushstroke and each color. The interaction of colors and textures depicts the obstacles overcome as well as the successes. Each piece in the book tells a different tale of tenacity, change, and the unrelenting search for light.

Enjoy the profound beauty of Francesca Busalla’s “Light Seeker” series and set out on a journey of self-discovery and infinite opportunity. Each piece of art tells a distinct story and invites you to delve deep inside of yourself.