Light Seeker

Where is light?
I dig deep
To find my true self.

Hardships shapes me
Like a rough diamond.

I search for light
That will set me free.

There’s something about my “Light Seeker” series that I hold dear: the sensations I’ve felt while creating it. Each piece helped me gain clarity and light.

Often, we rely on others’ opinions of ourselves, and finding our way back to who we truly are requires a deep dive into our minds and souls. “Light Seeker” embodies this journey of self-discovery.

Every piece is unique, created with a variety of media, applied and scraped away. Some art critics have classified the series as Spatialism, which is a great honour, but I consider my spatialist research to be distinct from the likes of Fontana and De Luigi.

I drew inspiration from the concepts of light and space but not time – I believe time to be a construct.
In my artistic exploration, light is what we carry within ourselves, and space refers not to the canvas but to our inner selves. I believe that each person’s space is limitless, which is why I’ve scratched not just the materials and colours on the surface of the canvas, but also the canvas itself, breaking down its boundaries and letting the light shine through.

Light Seeker #13

Light seeker series #13 - Francesca Busalla

Light Seeker #12

Francesca Busalla - Light seeker series 12

Light Seeker #11

Light Seeker #10

Light Seeker #9

Light Seeker #8

Light Seeker #7

Light Seeker #5

Light Seeker #4

Light Seeker #3

Light Seeker #2