Ku reveals itself,
movement, action.
An emotion here,
eternalized in the now.

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The piece of art “Ku” by Francesca Busalla explores the idea of nothingness and the essential nature of all things. The artist employs a variety of techniques and materials to give the work a sense of depth and movement, provoking the observer to consider the transience of all occurrences and the fundamental unity of all things.

The cosmic potential that supports the universe and is represented by the black is the immense emptiness of Ku, from which all things begin and inevitably return. Every instant and every form contain this nothingness at their core.

There may be a sensation of fluidity and change as the observer travels their sight around the piece, representing the idea that everything is interrelated and interdependent. Through this piece of art, the artist asks the audience to look past outward appearances and uncover the ultimate reality of Ku, the empty and boundless nature of mind and all things. The illusion of separation, or Maya Veil, is what leads to suffering and disconnectivity. It serves as a potent reminder of each of us having the capacity for waking and liberty.

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Dimensions50 × 50 × 3 cm