Light Seeker Series #11

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My heart lies broken,
An essential fracture,
Through its cracks, light is awoken.
I witness the scars, remnants of pain,
Learning from past, not to suffer again.


Discover the world of Light Seeker Series #11, where abstract emotions command attention against a background of peaceful white and cream hues.

An unexpected focal point in this artwork grabs the viewer’s attention: a purposeful cut that is elegantly repaired with delicate pink threads. This intentional interference opens a door to a compelling wrecked effect that conjures a sense of unadulterated fragility and resiliency. Layers of color are peeled away by delicate scratches that have been  carved around the incision, revealing the raw canvas.

This artwork, which drew its inspiration from abstract art and the spatialism movement, combine inventiveness with reflection.  You will go on a personal odyssey—an examination of the profound journey we all take, where growth and enlightenment arise from the shadows of our experiences—as you lose yourself in the rich details and interaction of hues and medias.

Light Seeker Series #11, is a tribute to the transformational potential of art. Allow yourself to be mesmerized by its distinctive aesthetic and rich symbolism.

The collection Light Seeker Series beckons you to go within, to set out on an intellectual and emotional journey where each brushstroke whispers tales of tenacity, recovery, and the never-ending search for light.