Light Seeker Series #3


Roots strength

Impetuously, the wind shakes the shutters, they rattle and bang.
Vases fly and the few remaining leaves fall from the bare branches.
Deprived of all energy, naked like a worm, I can’t even crawl to close them.
The storm of my thoughts has cast me down,
To the earth, to nourish my roots, to find sustenance
The more they crush me, the more my sap flows, to satiate my soul.
But the storm subsides, the wind dies down, and with it a cycle ends
Making way for new warmth, new life, another spring.

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The abstract work “Light Seeker Series #3” by Francesca Busalla, which explores the depths of spatialism and modern aesthetics, is presented. This piece of art perfectly expresses the essence of roots and their constant resilience through its potent imagery and profound meaning.

The artist deftly scrapes the middle of the canvas, letting brilliant colors to spring forth, indicating the formation of firm roots, against a background of darkness.

The concept of spatialism is embodied by Francesca Busalla’s precise method, which explores the interaction between space, light, and the observer. She attempts to reach the very essence of light and transcend the colors used to produce the painting by meticulously scraping away paint layers from the canvas. She sometimes even punches holes in the canvas, giving brief glimpses of the area that lies beneath the painted surface.

The artwork “Light Seeker Series #3” is a piece from Francesca Busalla’s “Light Seeker” (or “Cercatore di Luce” in Italian) series. The artist’s investigation of ‘spazialismo’, in which she considers the connection between space, light, and the observer, is best seen in this series. In order to illuminate the light within the artwork and delve into the idea of both physical and spiritual space, Busalla uses a grattage technique that sets her work apart.

Accept the power of roots and lose yourself in this magnificent piece’s mesmerizing study of space and light.