Light Seeker Series #9

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Colorful rays wave farewell as the sun sets,
stirring the soul and restoring it to the present moment.
Intricacies stoke feelings and reveal depths.


I’m pleased to present “Light Seeker Series #9,” a stunning abstract painting that perfectly captures the essence of a spectacular sunset behind peaceful evening clouds. The last remnants of colored rays delicately greet the day, manifesting as evocative scratches upon the canvas. They move in a way that stirs my soul and grounds me in the present, each delicate stroke triggering a wave of feelings.

Delicate pink subtleties that are concealed among the layers of the flawless white/cream surface show glimpses of a serene world. A testament to the ability of abstract art to enthrall and inspire, this piece of art is a haven of serenity, peace, and amazement.

A compelling addition to the Light Seeker collection, “Light Seeker Series #9” exemplifies the concepts of abstract art and spatialism. This masterwork transcends categorical limitations and enables individual interpretation by asking viewers to consider the interaction between light, color, and shape.

Enjoy the fascination of “Light Seeker Series #9,” where the serene and reflective atmosphere is evoked by the evocative sunset hues blending with the ethereal white backdrop. As you explore the subtle levels and immerse yourself in the world of abstract art and spatialism, you will be able to witness the enthralling dance of emotions.

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30cm x 30cm