Amidst the roaming plastic zombies,
My true self, my only solace,
I seek the border where Maya and truth divide,
The veil falls, revealing what was once denied.

(Revelation at the border by Francesca Busalla)

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“Maya” is a provocative work of art that delves into the concept of the Maya veil, a term from Hindu and Buddhist philosophy that refers to the illusion of separation and duality that clouds our perception of reality.
The artwork is divided into strata, with the top strata representing Maya’s veil. This strata is mostly black, lending a sense of mystery and obscurity to the scene, and it conceals a colorful painting beneath. The veil’s blackness represents the ignorance and confusion that obscure our true nature and prevent us from seeing things as they truly are.

As the viewer gets closer, they may notice hints of color peeking through the black veil, indicating that the illusion, while strong, is not impenetrable. The vibrant painting beneath the veil represents the true nature of things, the limitless and interconnected reality that lies beyond the veil.
The artist invites the viewer to consider the role of illusion in our experience of the world and to look beyond appearances in search of true understanding through this work of art. The use of dark colors and the layered composition give the piece depth and complexity, inviting the viewer to engage with it on multiple levels.

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Dimensions80 × 40 × 3 cm