Nasci quadrato, muori tondo, torni a essere tutto


My spirit rebels,
for I know deep within,
I am meant to be myself,
Wild and free like the wind.

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Nasci quadrato, muori tondo, torni a essere tutto
You are born square, you die round, you become everything again.

This work of art defies the old Italian proverb “Chi nasce quadrato non muore tondo,” which means “Who is born square does not die round.” The artist invites the viewer to consider the possibility of transformation and evolution through the use of multiple strata.

The first stratum, ‘You are born square,’ is illustrated with dense, undiluted colors to compel the viewer to consider the three-dimensional reality of our world. In the second stratum, ‘You die round,’ the scene shifts. A coat of white is applied to represent the passage of time and the changes it brings. To apply the color, the artist used carefully selected stones, each of which represents a thoughts, events, or conditions that round the corners of the square into circles. The black used with the larger stone represents the darker times from which great transformation can occur.

The final stratum is lighter, as if lifting the viewer to higher dimensions. This layer made made with spray and acrylic paints in light tones and intensity, incorporating action painting techniques. The artist captures the idea that change is not only possible, but also necessary for growth.

Nasci quadrato, muori tondo, torni a essere tutto was realized with the Stone technique invente by the artist.

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Dimensions80 × 60 × 3 cm