Francesca Busalla - Abstract art and Poetry

Francesca Busalla -Contemporary abstrac artist

Francesca Busalla – Abstract art and Poetry

Welcome to my world!
My name’s Francesca Busalla. I’m an Italian multidisciplinary artist. I was surrounded by inspiration from an early age.
This upbringing fueled my initial career and led me to the realm of fine art, poetry and music.
Join me as I blend abstract art and poetry into a mesmerizing fusion of creativity.

Light Seeker Series by Francesca Busalla (2)

Light seeker series


Your icy feelings
Melt under my flames,
Trembling with fear
Longing for true love

Our union

An unseen force that binds us tight.
Look within your heart,
Do you feel the same truth ignite?

Concepts in shapes

Concepts in shapes by Francesca Busalla Italian abstract artist
Francesca Busalla contemporary abstract painter

About Francesca Busalla

Francesca Busalla is a multidisciplinary artist who works between abstract art, music, and poetry. Her works of art examine the human condition and its range of emotions. She inspires viewers to begin a profound journey of self-discovery via her artistic expression.
Busalla’s intuitive approach to art has led her to develop one-of-a-kind techniques and mediums.

Francesca Busalla singer and songwriter

The artworks by Francesca Busalla, which are influenced by spatialism, go beyond the confines of two-dimensional surfaces and invite spectators to engage in a multidimensional experience. She achieves a dynamic interaction between space, light, and form via her inventive use of textures, depths, and layered compositions. Each piece of art develops into an enthralling investigation of the interaction between the piece, the spectator, and the surroundings.

Spatialist artworks by Busalla blur the distinction between the physical and spiritual worlds by using space as a crucial element. The interaction of light and shadow, the appearance of depth and movement, and the amazement they inspire in viewers lead them to consider the limitless potential of the artwork.

With the intriguing abstract paintings of Francesca Busalla, you may see the transformational force of spatialism. Her designs provide a feeling of depth and fascination to any location, whether they are on show in a gallery or decorating the walls of your personal room. Allow the immersive qualities of spatialism to take you to a place where art transcends the confines of the physical world, arousing feelings and inquiring minds.

Get lost in a world where hues dance, shapes entwine, and feelings flare. Busalla challenges the limits of conventional representation with her distinctive artistic vision, creating an array of captivating, motivating abstract artworks.

The abstract works of art created by Francesca Busalla are evidence of her boundless imagination and creative genius. She enables viewers to go on a visual voyage that defies traditional bounds with her expert use of brushstrokes, textures, and brilliant colours. Each piece of art is a mesmerizing mix of shape and color that may be interpreted in a variety of ways.

art Exhibitions

Busalla Abstract Art - Spatialism


Miami Art Week
Lelie Galerij – Amsterdam
Thomson Gallery – Zug, Switzerland


Art Lab (Pop Up) – Los Angeles
Johnathan Schultz Gallery – Miami 

Busalla Abstract art and poteri

Francesca Busalla, a multidisciplinare artist, effortlessly switches between abstract painting, music, and poetry. Her artexplores the human condition and the many emotions it entails. Through her artistic expression she invites viewers to go on a profound journey of self-discovery and introspection.
Discover the transformational power of Francesca Busalla’s thought-provoking examination of the human psyche.

Enter the intriguing world of spatialism, a revolutionary creative movement that challenges conventional depiction. Discover the captivating world of abstract art through the eyes of renowned artist Francesca Busalla, whose amazing works flawlessly incorporate the concepts of spatialism.