Twin Soul

Unaware we walk towards each other,
divided, for the thrill of being one again.
Who knows what you look like,
will we recognize?


Eternity flows
Reminded by the ticking clock.
Change is inevitable
But true self remains locked.

Light Seeker

Where is light?
I dig deep
To find my true self.

Hardships shapes me
Like a rough diamond.

I search for light
That will set me free.


Vispo il mio passo in questo mondo affrettato,
rallento per ritrovarti,
pace, fedele sodale,
da te principiano sogni temerari di cui sono interprete e autrice.
Umbratile la mia fantasia disgiunta da te,
disorganico il mio pensare.
Non abbisogno vocaboli, troppo frivoli per commuovere,
coartano il petto.
A te, compagna mia,
spalanco l’uscio del mio foro interno,
subissalo tacendo, come solo tu sai fare.

Our union,

Our union,
An unseen force that binds us tight.
Look within your heart,
Do you feel the same truth ignite?

Lovers Under the Moonlight

Under the velvety night sky
The moon, scattered with stars,
showers us with its light
As we lay entwined, skin to skin

Your fingers trace a path down my spine
Sending shivers of new love
Rippling through my body
As spring awakens within

Your touch anchors me
To this moment, this truth
As I surrender to the essence of us
Our spirits become one.

Autumn Serenade

The autumn breeze whispers of spring
and of our youthful escapades,
with a glint in our eyes.
Like innocent children, lost in a timeless present
of unbridled dreams, wine glasses raised high and laughter.
I still recall the moment you looked at me with your heart,
and whispered that you saw love in me.


Amidst the rush of life, my step is lively,
I pause to find you once more,
Oh peace, faithful ally,
From you, daring dreams are born, which I both pen and live.
Without you, my imagination wanes,
My thoughts are disarrayed.
Words, too frivolous, cannot express,
The emotion that swells within my chest.
To you, I open the door to my innermost self ,
my companion,
overwhelm it with silence as only you know how.

My hope is spent,

The path ahead, too slow to tread.
In a world of plastic insecurities,
My fire burns, consuming all.

Oro per loro

Noi geni, amiamo la notte.
Distanti i pensieri d’altri,
il cuore morale sotto il cielo stellato,
si distende.
Forme mute la cui disposizione parla, annullando il confine
tra il primo vagito e l’ultimo sospiro.
Il Perimetro dell’orizzonte non riesce a contenere
la nostra racchiusa vastità,
incatenata da Maya,
avvolta nel suo velo come crisalide.
La nostra Essenza impastata, rammenta
memorie indelebili, di tempi non vissuti,
silenti alla vista.
Impergolati nell’ego,
oro per loro,
non percepiscono la nostra sensibilità.

Francesca Busalla –  23-Ottobre-2021